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Dry Saunas vs Wet Saunas

September 25, 2020

The word Sauna is Finnish in origins and refers to a traditional Finnish bath and bathhouse. In English, it usually refers to a cabin or room, usually made of wood, in which the temperature is raised to heated levels using specific methods.


These days, saunas or Sa-oo-nahs as they are pronounced in Finnish, come in one of two variations. Wet and dry saunas.


Wet saunas are mostly referred to as steam rooms and use water heated until it vaporizes to create hot and humid conditions in the enclosed space or Sauna. It varies from a traditional sauna in that its heat source is steam or ‘wet’ heat as the name implies.


A dry sauna is more closely linked to the traditional saunas used in Finland. These saunas use rocks that are heated to extreme temperatures. In some cases, water is splashed onto these rocks from a sauna bucket and ladle. The water quickly evaporates and increases the temperature of the sauna.


Health benefits from using a dry sauna include stress relief, increased muscle relaxation and blood circulation as well as a reduction in cardiovascular diseases. However, there are specific benefits unique to wet saunas as well.

Unlike dry saunas, a wet sauna is extremely humid due to its use of steam as a source of heat. This greatly benefits those who suffer from congestions and sinus issues as the steam can help loosen the lungs and muscles of your body.


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