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Distinguishing the 3 Different Categories of Electrician in Toronto

June 20, 2018

Electricity has been an invaluable power source that keeps our lives going and continues to be the future with green technologies. This makes the job of an electrician in Toronto very important. According to experience and licensing, they can be grouped into three classifications. Each category has its own set of requirements and responsibilities.


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Apprentice Electricians

These electrical tradesmen are trained by and under the supervision of a master electrician. An apprentice is taking classes and needs to have accrued experience in the electrical field. They will take a qualification examination in order to become a journeyman electrician. Part of the duties of apprentice are to measure and fabricate wiring systems and circuits, test wires, and install conduits. They can also perform some system and wiring repairs in industrial settings and plants. These works require aptitude, ability to understand and follow instructions, and of course, skillful hands. All their works should be supervised by experienced electricians, but they can also receive manufacturer-specific training.


Journeyman Electricians

Being a journeyman means there’s no need for the supervision of a master electrician and can do electrical works independently. At this point of an electrician’s career, they can do specialization programs. After completing several years of practical experience together with yearly training, a journeyman electrician can take an exam to qualify as a master electrician. They are the ones who work on the daily power we heavily rely on to live comfortably. They deal with the power supply running to residences and businesses, street lights, overhead lines, and stop lights. They are also the ones being called for help in case of power outages or to resolve any electrical issue.

Master Electricians

These craftsmen possess the highest level of certification that an electrician can get. Most of start their own electrical contracting company or are hired as general contractors. Simply put, they get the greatest responsibility with major duties including supervision of apprentices and journeyman, assessment of projects, and ensuring that all documentation and permits are in good order. Master electricians have the ability to apply any design and supervise installation of wiring and lighting fixtures. Most of all, they have the responsibility to make sure that all electrical work procedures and protocols are being followed.   


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