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Different Levels of Electric Vehicle Charging

March 22, 2021

Driving an electric vehicle is a lot more convenient while freeing you from the inconveniences of traditional vehicles. It can also save you more time, but if you are a new EV driver, it helps to know some important facts about this great invention. One vital aspect to learn is about electric vehicle charging and you might save a good amount of money after learning more about this.


Here are the factors you need to understand regarding the different levels of electric vehicle charging.


Level 1 EV Charging

This first level of electric vehicle charging can be installed in your own garage as it needs only an ordinary household outlet to plug in your car. While others think that this may not be ideal since it can take some time to fully charge your EV, a full charge is not always required unless you’re going to travel a hundred miles every day. For a vast majority of cases, charging your EV overnight when you are asleep would be sufficient. Find out more about the benefits of electric vehicle charging at home.


Level 2 EV Charging

Level 2 charging offers a longer range of travel distance and charging speed per hour. This is about 70 miles or up to 19.2kW, and thus requires a power supply of 240 volts just like what an oven requires. Since the power needed by your EV is a bit higher, it usually passes through a box and a cord for safety purposes.


DC Fast EV Charging

This electric vehicle charging is, by far, the fastest one available. For around 10 minutes of charging, you can drive up to 40 miles. The only drawback, however, is that it is very expensive to own and the power needed to operate this EV charger is much higher than what is commonly available in homes. This type of charger can be found in many stations that offer EV charging services, as well as in building parking lots.


As electric vehicles become more common, more and more innovations will arise to make maintenance and ownership of these vehicles much more accessible. A.S. Electrical is proud to be at the forefront of enabling widespread environmental change. Call us today to learn more about our services!