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Details on Installing a Dry Sauna

October 20, 2021

Saunas have been around for a number of years, and would be a dream addition for most homeowners. Usually, they’re a small free-standing room, and the general purpose of a sauna is to produce sweat through a combination of steam and heat. The practice of using saunas is common in many different parts of the world. The primary reason for their popularity is related to health and wellness. Specifically, they’re believed to be helpful for the function of the respiratory system.


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The Basics 


Between the different types of saunas, a dry sauna is often installed in homes. It can be heated using a range of electrical methods. Commonly, it is a room that is wood-clad and features a stove where the heat is produced through stones. Water is poured over the stones if moisture is preferred when the air becomes too dry. In the case of infrared saunas, they utilize dry heat without the need for a stove. The heat is produced with the help of infrared lamps that lead to warmth and perspiration.


Maintaining Saunas


Though installing a dry sauna can be a dream part of your home, it is a project that requires the utmost care, especially since electricity is involved. When it comes to maintenance for electrical saunas, the element that will require repair as time passes is the heater.


Our team of electricians at A.S. Electrical Services Ltd. is able to support both the installation of a dry sauna or home steam room for an independent facility, gymnasium, hotel, or home. Browse our website and contact us today to learn more about how our service can accommodate your needs.