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Considerations for Sauna Installation in Your Home

June 04, 2020

Many homeowners dream of owning their own sauna, but the dream seems far too unreachable. However, that is not at all the case. Providers of specialized electrical services such as A.S. Electrical actually have all the qualifications and tools needed to help you install a sauna in your home. Granted, not every electrical service can perform such a job. Only electricians and contractors with the right experience working with residential homes will be able to pull this off.


In order for a sauna to operate optimally, several factors have to be taken into account.


Before installation, your contractor will help you ensure everything is in place for the installation. These are the steps involved:


1. Room Insulation

The room in which the sauna will be built has to be properly insulated. The walls and ceilings will be fitted with materials such as vapor barriers to keep the structural integrity of the room solid. The insulation will then be enforced with wooden walls, a staple of saunas.


2. Finding the Right Place

The best location for your sauna should be determined beforehand. Most of the time, homeowners want their saunas close to their bathrooms. In addition, you need to make sure that the area is private so that it is not easily accessible to children or pets. There are hazards associated with allowing children into saunas as they may misuse them.


3. Electricity Source

Perhaps the most important aspect is the electrical side of things. The temperature of saunas can range anywhere from 55 to 88 degrees Celsius. This is why electrical services are needed during the installation of saunas, as their expertise is paramount when deciding how much your power requirements will be. They will also need to set up the sauna’s electrical systems properly.


Who would have thought electrical companies play such a large role in the luxuries of a home? Make sure you get in touch with reputable companies like A.S. Electrical for these specialized services!