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Common Electrical Issues in Condominiums

November 06, 2023
Skilled electrician conducting an electrical panel upgrade in a condo building.

When it comes to buying a property, more and more buyers prefer to invest in newer buildings rather than those older than 15-20 years. This trend is backed by several reasons. Newer condominiums boast prettier and more efficient layouts, modern appliances and better amenities. However, new constructions are not exempt from electrical problems, unfortunately. Be it an upscale unit in a brand-new condominium complex or an older apartment in a low-rise building, electrical issues are bound to occur. And you, as a condo owner (or a resident), should be aware of them to know when the concern is serious enough to hire electrical contractors in Toronto to fix the problem. 


What Are the Common Electrical Problems in Condos?


Tripping breakers


Even though tripping breakers are more common in older buildings, they can occur in newer condominiums too, under certain circumstances. Breakers trip for several reasons, such as circuit overload, a short circuit or a ground fault. Connecting too many devices to a single circuit can overload it and cause the breaker to trip. If you find your breaker tripping frequently, consider upgrading your electric panel for a more efficient one. Remember to hire only licensed electrical contractors in Toronto to perform electric panel upgrades.


Electric furnace problems



Certain older condo units have electric furnaces. Some condo owners find this advantageous, others not so much. Electric furnaces do not emit dangerous gasses or fumes in the event of a malfunction. However, electric furnaces are generally more expensive to run and repair. Common problems you may encounter if you have an electric furnace include blown fuses, sequencer issues, and a broken blower motor. A licensed electrician in Toronto can easily troubleshoot any of these problems.


Faulty outlets


Much like any other electrical device, outlets are prone to wear and tear and may require replacement from time to time. While this is more specific to older apartment buildings, occasional outlet replacement may be required in newer condominiums too. Outlet replacement is a task for a professional, so make sure to call a licensed electrician in Toronto to have your outlets replaced.

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