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Business are Adding EV Charger Stations to Attract Customers

July 05, 2018

EV charger stations have gone from a flashy gimmick to key differentiator in the space of a few months. In fact it is hard to remember back to those days when EV charger stations were so far and few between that auto manufacturers like Tesla and Nissan invested in their own dedicated charging setups to drive electric vehicle demand.


Businesses, especially restaurants, have found the EV charger a great way to entice customers and to keep their custom for longer.


How times have changed and the once recalcitrant public has embraced EV charger stations with a verve. Of course, that enthusiasm has been buoyed by more than just a little legislative and regulatory intervention too.


Retail businesses like stores, restaurants and clubs too have observed this gap in the market and are trying to entice customers by installing EV charger facilities at their parking lots. Depending on the investment you intend to make into your EV charger framework and the utility you intend to provide for customers, there are a number of options that are available. We take a look at some considerations before you settle on your EV charger setup.


Fast charging – Level 3 (and 4) DC fast charging stations are the fastest means to topping up electric vehicles. They also happen to be the hardest to implement, given that not all electric vehicles adhere to one standard ‘fast charger’; they are expensive to install; and require a robust electrical setup which can support upwards of a 240 volt circuit and high current draw. However, given on your business model, it may be of benefit if customers are enticed to spend between a half or one hour waiting at your establishment for their vehicle to charge.


‘Smart’ Level 2 chargers – Level 2 chargers are the most commonly accepted of all EV charger types. Even if their charging performance is not as rapid as Level 3, they are great for an electrical ‘top up’. This versatility means you can cater to a wider audience. Their installation and initial outlay is far lower than fast charger stations too. We recommend only ‘smart’ chargers for your business for the intelligent charging and connectivity options they offer.


Business model – Whether to charge for your EV charger facility, deploy a 3rd party solution or have it absolutely free of charge. There are merits to all solutions and the decision will depend on the outlay your business is willing to make, whether EV charging is seen as a potential revenue stream, or if it is simply a complimentary service for customers.