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Benefits Of Getting A Licensed Electrician For Electrical Retrofitting

June 12, 2018

Whether to get an electrician for electrical retrofitting poses a catch-22 for the home or business owner moving into a property that is a few years old: you want to find out if your property requires electrical refitting before you call an electrician; but, really, the person best placed to get you an answer for that is an electrician.


Should you get electrical retrofitting for your property? Call only a licensed electrician to have the state of your wiring and circuitry assessed.


The answer is simple, obvious and singular: call an electrician. A licensed electrician or team of electricians are about the only people who should be poking around your old wiring to deem it as requiring electrical retrofitting. Frayed wires, corroded sheathing, loose contacts – not to mention unfamiliarity with the nuances of electrical circuits in residential and commercial settings – make self-assessment of the status of wiring an extremely dangerous task.


We discuss why electrical retrofitting should only be done by professional electricians and contractors.


  • Insurers, bankers, building managers and landlords require certification from licensed electricians on whether electrical retrofitting is required.
  • Old wiring may be frayed, damaged, incorrectly installed or simply not compliant with modern standards which keep persons coming in contact safe.
  • Electrical wiring from years ago was not designed for the high electrical demand that is seen today. Electrical retrofitting may therefore be required to ensure that the property and persons within remain safe.
  • Safety features like circuit breakers, thicker wiring, safety circuits, adequate grounding and the like are key benefits of electrical retrofitting. These will ensure safe operation of your appliances and gadgetry, and likely prolong their lifespan.
  • Electrical retrofitting is a great opportunity to get rid of inconveniences such as poorly placed plug points, incorporate hidden wiring for more modern lighting options and thread wiring to untangle the wiring octopus that results from inadequate sockets.
  • Finally, electrical retrofitting – and only by licensed electricians – is essential for incorporating some ‘smarts’ into your environment. Whether it is automation, far flung security systems, a central monitoring and control system for your commercial space, proximity sensing lighting, electrical retrofitting can make all of this possible in a fuss free and neat manner. What’s more, even if not the whole nine yards initially, it will futureproof your space for technologies that are coming in the next few years.


With nearly two decades of working in the commercial and residential sector, A.S. Electrical knows what it takes to complete an electrical retrofitting on time and within budget. Having worked on projects large and small and with differing client expectations, we know to give accurate cost and time estimates.