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Assessing and Repairing an Electrical Room Explosion

August 06, 2019

As experts in electrical services including electrical wiring, electric panel upgrades, installation and maintenance, and more, we at A.S. Electrical have received our fair share of calls from customers experiencing a wide range of electrical issues.


Recently, we were called on an emergency to attend to a commercial building which saw its main electrical room explode due to poor maintenance and installation. This was a major accident that could have resulted in severe consequences, but thankfully, the worst that happened was that the building had to go a couple of days without power.


The electrical room was completely destroyed by fire and the fire suppression system.


As an immediate fix, A.S. Electrical supplied a high-powered back-up generator to support the entire building, though this is certainly only a short-term solution. Perhaps the most time-consuming and costly damage sustained by this accident was to the main vault’s hydro transformers, which exploded and damaged the incoming power lines that are buried six feet underground.


To fix these issues, major excavation and electrical work over three months has to be undertaken, in addition to the renovation work that will follow.


As seasoned electricians, we often encounter scenarios such as this wherein simple preventative maintenance could have helped stopped all this from happening in the first place. For instance, electric panel upgrades are a relatively simple procedure that can help maintain and boost the health of your electrical systems.


Electric panel upgrades can help ensure that your power flow is consistent and prevent potential burn-outs. This does not only apply to commercial buildings, but also to residential buildings. With a new and improved panel that can withstand more power output, you can use more appliances and consume more energy without the worry that you will trip the system or blow any fuses, which can inadvertently result in bigger electrical accidents. Overall, electric panel upgrades reduce your risk of mishaps, which means lower insurance and lower repair costs in the long term.


We believe in prevention over cure, and it is always a sobering reminder to us whenever we see damaged property and electrical systems that could have been avoided if more care had been put into maintenance.


A.S. Electrical is a dedicated provider of electrical services to clients all over Toronto. If you ever want your electrical system audited, inspected, repaired, or maintained, just give us a call!