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Answering Electrician FAQ

October 01, 2019

It’s likely that you’ll end up seeking the services of an electrician at some point in your life. Electrical contractors in Toronto work hard to ensure our home’s electrical systems work properly and are up to code. Understanding you need an electrician is very different from understanding the sort of work they actually do. How do electricians fix electrical issues? Do I need to call a different type of electrician for commercial electrical work? What specializations are available to electricians?


Today we’ll answer a few questions regarding what electrical contractors in Toronto do, what types of electricians exist, and what their specializations are.


What is an electrician and what kind of work do they do?


Electricians are considered to be tradesmen that work with the electrical systems of everything from buildings, transmission networks, stationary machines and equipment. The services of an electrician are sought after for anything from the installation, repair and maintenance of new or existing infrastructure.


Do all electricians fall under the same category?


In general, there are two broad categories in which electricians fall into – inside electricians and outside/line work.


Outside electricians are also known as linemen. They work outdoors on maintaining and repairing the electrical systems of power transmission and distribution lines. Outside electricians will work with higher voltages than that of inside electricians. Outside electrician’s main concerns surround ensuring that the electricity generated at power plants moves safely and efficiently to sub-stations, where they will eventually get converted down for use in homes, commercial buildings, etc.


Inside electricians are also known as wiremen, and work with electrical systems inside buildings and structures. Inside electricians encompass residential, commercial, and industrial electrical specializations.


What specializations can electrical contractors in Toronto focus their services on?


Electricians can specialize in a number of electrical services – including residential, commercial, industrial, installation, maintenance, and outdoor lighting and signage. The two most common specializations are residential and commercial specializations.


  • Residential Electricians – As its name suggests, residential electricians work in homes, condos, apartments, etc. with their work filling the scope of anything from installing new wiring to upgrading your electrical panel.


  • Commercial Electricians – Commercial electricians focus their services in working on the electrical systems of offices, stores, and other commercial structures. The scope of work needed to service commercial buildings is typically larger than residential projects. The type of work they perform will depend on a base-by-case basis, but usually includes installation, upgrades, and trouble-shooting commercial electrical systems.