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An Overview Of Driveway Heating Systems From A.S. Electrical

July 07, 2022

Driveways need to be in top condition throughout the year to ensure safe access for your car to the garage. Although driveways usually require minimal maintenance during other times of the year, you need to be extra careful during the winters. 

Especially in Ontario, where the winters can be quite harsh, you need to be careful of the ice-covered driveways as they can lead to untoward accidents. A thick snow cover can take a long time to be cleared using conventional tools like shovels. However, with the help of driveway heating systems from A.S. Electrical Services, you can get solve this dilemma rather quickly. 

2 reasons that make our heated driveways dependable.


Quick action
Let's say you are all set to drive to work on a cold winter day. However, there is a problem that needs to be fixed before you can head to your office. You need to get rid of the snow and ice covering your driveway so that you can safely take your car out of the garage. 

If you had our technicians install a heating system under your driveway, all you have to do is press a switch and watch the snow melt away rather quickly. No more hours of shovelling snow and breaking the ice.

Efficient and technical approach
Once you approach us for driveway heating system installation, we take prompt action and send our technicians to survey the location. Our technicians recommend the best system to be installed at your home or building after carefully studying the location. We have in our possession mats, sensors, cables, and different types of controllers to help you get rid of snow and ice quickly and effectively from your driveway.

A.S. Electrical Services Ltd. is a leading name when it comes to driveway heating system installation in Ontario. Get in touch with us today to learn about everything we can do for you. Our technicians also have experience in dry sauna installation