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A Short Guide To Electrical Systems Thermographic Scanning

January 02, 2024

Spotting an electrical problem, such as an exposed electrical wiring, is relatively easy. A licensed electrician, and even a layman, can spot an exposed electrical wire or cable. But what do you do when the problem is hidden out of your sight? There is a solution, and it’s called electrical systems thermographic scanning

What Is Electrical Thermographic Scanning?

Thermographic scanning (also known as “thermal scanning”, “electrical thermographic scanning”, “electrical thermographic imaging”, “infrared inspection”) is a testing method used to detect electrical issues hidden in the electrical systems of a building or to scan electrical equipment. Common issues this method can scan for include faulty connections, deteriorated insulation, unbalanced loads, and more. Electrical thermographic scanning is performed by a licensed electrician in Toronto

How It Works

An electrician uses a thermal imaging camera to scan the area of concern. These areas of concern emit heat, which is picked up by the camera and displayed respectively on the screen. Infrared cameras are one of the most effective methods electrical companies in Toronto use to detect hidden electrical problems. 

Why Is Electrical Thermographic Scanning Important?

Electrical thermographic scanning helps prevent excessive use of energy, equipment failure and equipment downtime. It also helps save maintenance costs by proactively identifying equipment problems before they grow into major problems. Thermographic scanning of equipment and electrical systems is an effective way to detect hidden issues and help protect equipment from damage that would have been otherwise caused by a catastrophic breakdown. 

Choose A.S. Electrical Services Ltd. As Your Thermographic Scanning Services Provider

A.S. Electrical Services Ltd. uses the latest thermographic scanning equipment to effectively identify electrical problems in your home or business to devise a corresponding maintenance plan. Contact us at (905) 887 7632 to learn about electrical systems thermographic scanning or to get an estimate.