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A Guide to Smoke Detectors

October 26, 2020

According to Statistics Canada, there are an average of 40,000 fire incidents per year, with around 12,000 of those being residential fires. Supposedly, about 50% of all fatal home fires occur while the residents are sleeping. This is why it is vital for you to contact an electrician in Toronto and ensure that you have appropriate smoke detectors installed in your home.


A qualified electrician in Toronto will be able to help you choose the right smoke alarms for your home, decide where to install them, and perform the installation for you.


Where to Install

Ideally, you should have a smoke detector on every level of your home, especially both inside and outside sleeping areas. You should put some thought into what the appropriate escape path is from your bedroom. Consider lining that path with smoke alarms distanced appropriately from one another.


What to Install

There are two general types of smoke detectors or smoke alarms. They are known as ionization or photoelectric. Ionization alarms are triggered when smoke particles enter the chamber and disrupt its continuous electric current. On the other hand, photoelectric detectors rely on light receptors. Smoke particles will have an effect on the receptor, thus causing the alarm to go off.


It is recommended that you do not install ionization alarms in the kitchen, as there are bound to be smoke particles there as a result of cooking. This could be disruptive and annoying not only to you, but your neighbours as well.


How to Maintain

In general, every smoke alarm should come with its own set of instructions on how to clean the alarm properly. Make sure you consult with your electrician in Toronto if there are any special considerations to keep in mind. It is recommended that you test your smoke detectors frequently. If your smoke detectors use batteries, make sure you keep careful records of when they need to be replaced. If you notice any issues with your alarms, call your electrician immediately.


A.S. Electrical is able to install smoke detector systems for residential and commercial properties. Give us a call today to learn more about our services!