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A Guide to Industrial Electrical Contractors

October 27, 2017

One of the integral aspects of any residential or industrial structure is its electrical wiring layout. This is where an industrial electrical contractor comes in. An improperly laid out system can lead to many issues, such as poor electrical conductivity or even worse, increase the risk of overheating which may lead to a fire.


How do you go about finding a good industrial electrical contractor? The following criteria should be covered during your search.


Licensed and Certified: Right off the bat it is important to know that an industrial electrical contractor is licensed. The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) is the governing regulatory body in Ontario authorized to issue licenses to contractors and master electricians. They hold all electricians accountable according to the Electrical Distribution Safety legislation. Note that any contractor you employ to do electrical work in your home or place of business must carry a license from the ESA – it is illegal to employ them otherwise. When in doubt, ask for a copy of this: however most industrial electrical contractors prominently display this on their site, in uniform or head office.


Proper Equipment: A good industrial electrical contractor will have their equipment in proper working order and condition. The tools and equipment need to be updated and properly maintained to ensure its correct working performance during use. Poorly maintained equipment results in poor workmanship, which can lead to glitches, failures and other issues in the long-term.


Emergency Communication: Most industrial electrical contractors provide a support hotline that you can call 24/7 with issues or concerns. This is crucial, as issues may arise very unexpectedly. It also builds trust between you and the contractor.


At A.S. Electrical, we are a fully licensed industrial electrical contractor ready to address your unique wiring needs. Our services include maintenance and repair, electrical estimates, thermal scanning and lighting. We also offer specialty services that include carbon monoxide monitoring system installations and calibrations. Interested in learning more? Call us today at (416) 737-8593 and let’s talk about your electrical wiring solution!