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5 Types of Electricians Based on Specialization

January 05, 2022

Electricians ensure the safe operation of electrical systems and equipment in homes, commercial buildings, and elsewhere. With their tools and technical knowledge, they perform installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting safely and efficiently. 


In today’s blog, we take a closer look at the different services that electricians can specialize in:


Residential electrician


Visits from a residential electrician are important for homes. After the appropriate training, licensed electrical contractors install, repair, maintain, and ensure the efficient operation of a home’s wiring system and related fixtures. Their job could include electrical panel upgrades as well as automatic garage door installation. Residential electricians perform this variety of electrical work in homes, apartments, and condos.


Commercial electrician


Commercial electricians specialize in the electrical systems of offices, malls, and other commercial establishments. Aside from repairs and maintenance, they can also perform installation tasks. Compared to residential buildings, commercial buildings often have electrical wiring systems that are more complex.


Highway systems electrician


As the name suggests, this type of electrician focuses on the safety and reliability of road systems. They install, repair, upgrade, and maintain street lights, signages, and more. It is common for them to work at heights and be exposed to the elements. 


Aviation electrician


Aviation electricians can direct their skills to an aircraft. They might handle the installation, repair, and inspection of an aircraft’s communication devices, radar equipment, navigation system, and other electrical components.


Automotive electrician


An automotive electrician performs electrical work on cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicles. Vehicles have an electrical system composed of a battery, starter, and alternator, which work together repeatedly. Automotive electricians must ensure that each component functions well so the others will not be impacted. They can also focus on a vehicle’s heating, air conditioning, and anti-theft systems.


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