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5 Tips For Home Steam Room Maintenance

August 29, 2022

Owning a home steam room is surely a privilege. It is also a huge amount of responsibility as steam rooms need to be regularly cleaned and checked up on. Generally, it is enough to clean your home steam room once a month and have an electrical inspection done once a year. If properly maintained, home steam rooms can serve you a lifetime. In this blog, we talk about five maintenance tips that will make your home steam room last longer. 



5 Tips For Home Steam Room Maintenance


Regular clean up

It is relatively easy to clean a steam room as most steam rooms are tiled. It is recommended to clean your home steam room at least once a month to prevent mould from building up. However, if you are a frequent steam room user, you may need to clean it much more often. 


Ventilate your steam room after each use

Because the main purpose of a steam room is to supply hot and wet air, ventilating your steam room after each use is crucial. Leave the door to your steam room open after each use to let fresh air in. 


Conduct a regular electrical check-up of your steam generator

Steam room maintenance does not just end with cleaning the seating area. In fact, your steam room is called a steam room because of the steam generator that pumps hot wet air into the room. Regularly checking on your steam generator is like checking your car engine to make sure it runs well and no hidden issues have built up over time. Having a licensed electrician inspect your steam generator will ensure it runs properly and serve you for years to come. 


Install an autoflush system on your steam generator

It is important to flush water from the steam generator after each use. If not done so, minerals present in the water tend to calcify, forcing the steam generator to work harder through the mineral barrier. This can seriously impact the operation of your steam generator leading to faster wear out. An autoflush system will ensure fresh water is drawn before each steam room use and processed water is flushed after each use. 


Have a professional fix any problems with your steam generator

If your steam generator does show any signs of distress, do not attempt to repair it on your own. Call a professional electrician to inspect and fix any issues with your steam generator. Again, the steam generator will last longer if the fixes are entrusted to professionals.


A steam room is a nice addition to any residential home. And if it is given proper upkeep, it runs efficiently for many years. By maintaining your home steam room properly, not only do you ensure its efficiency, but you also set your family up for a healthier life.


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