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5 Reasons Why You’ve Just Had To Call For Electrical Services

May 08, 2018

Electrical services remain in high demand in Toronto, be it in the residential or industrial environments. Though it may seem that there are innumerable different ways an electrical appliance or circuit can falter, it is usually one of a handful of faults.


We look at some of the most common electrical faults that necessitate calling electrical services for repair.


Open circuit – Simply, it indicates a situation that some component in the circuit is not receiving the voltage it requires for performing optimally. This can be as a result of a loose connection, a burnt out part in the circuit, or a faulty fixture that doesn’t permit a closed circuit.


Short circuit – These can be tough to diagnose and can presage safety concerns. Typically, a short circuit occurs in instances of frayed insulation or the current being able to find a path to another, unintended conductor or grounded object. A short circuit can energize parts of another circuit, cause undesired current flow and cause severe damage. Circuit breakers should be able to prevent major damage, regardless it is essential to get in touch with electrical services urgently and identify the source of the short circuit.


Low voltage – Low voltage can cause electrical equipment to produce more heat in its normal operation. Running equipment or appliances on voltages lower than specified can cause damage, particularly if done so over prolonged periods.


Over voltage – Being driven by a higher than required voltage, electrical appliances can suffer a shortened lifespan. Motors and lighting are particularly susceptible to damage from high voltages.


Electro-mechanical faults – These tend to occur when electrical components are nearing the end of their designed lifespan. Switches becoming non-responsive or relays getting welded are common electro-mechanical faults. Electrical services providers can trace where the problem originated using a number of diagnosis tools and methods.


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