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5 Property-Saving Reasons to Have Electrical Panel Upgrades

December 16, 2020

Electrical panel upgrades are necessary because new appliance models use different voltages, and can cause massive circuit spikes. When the circuit overloads, it puts your property at an extreme risk for fire. Panel upgrades ensure this event does not happen.


Here are five reasons to invest in new panels.

Frequent Flickering or Dimming Lights

If lights start to flicker when you turn on or plug in an appliance, it's a serious sign you need electrical panel upgrades. The sudden consumption uptick introduces a millisecond electrical void, causing your lights to flicker, brighten, or dim during the same time.

Decades of Aged Wiring and Cables

If your home is climbing up there in age when it comes to main power supply cables, it's time for you to have electrical panel upgrades. Residences that have faced pest infestations run the risk of possible animal bites damaging the wiring. If you need to have cable replacements, it's best to replace and upgrade your panels too.

Breakers Tripping More Than Once Every Week

Your lights aren't flickering, or dimming upon turning on, or while plugging an appliance into sockets. However, if your lights randomly shut down once a week, it's a sign your breaker, electrical panel, wiring, or circuit has problems.

Warm to Hot Electrical Panel

An electrical panel is like any appliance because it heats up if dealing with too much electricity. If the outside panel is emitting heat, it's inevitable you're a short time away from a circuit overload.

You're Introducing an Enormous New Appliance

An HVAC unit, five television sets, EV charging station, or other massive appliance that consumes mammoth electricity amounts will cause massive fluctuations to your circuits. Speak with qualified and highly-dependable electricians, such as A.S. Electrical Services, before you plug your device within the circuit.

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