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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Vehicle Charging

June 07, 2021

With the growing popularity of electric cars, electric vehicle charging is an important topic of discussion as non-gas-powered cars use heavy-duty batteries, which help reduce a vehicle’s environmental impact. However, these vehicles require a capable charging station. If you plan to install one in your garage and have a few questions, here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions.



Electric Vehicle Charging FAQ

How long does my vehicle need to charge?


A vehicle needs more electricity than regular electrical appliances. Plugging your electric vehicle charging device into a regular socket would top up the batteries in a few hours. A dedicated charging station could charge your batteries in an hour. With advanced fast chargers, 20 minutes would be enough to fully top it.


Will EV chargers increase my utility bills?


Depending on the brand of the vehicle that you own and your current electricity prices, your running electric vehicle charging bill can reach up to $0.33 per kilowatt-hours (kWh). Your utility bills are likely to increase but they won’t skyrocket.


Would any charger work for my car?


You can't use just any charger for vehicle charging. Outdoor charging stations usually have several outlets that work for different cars. Inspect your EV and check whether it can use Type-1 Japanese-American or Type-2 European sockets. For example, Tesla's American vehicles use Type-1, while its European counterpart uses Type-2.


Would I need help from expert electricians for EV charger maintenance?


While your EV charging station will require little maintenance, it's best to have expert electricians inspect it periodically. A properly installed charging station would need minimal adjustments and calibrations in the future.


Can I install my EV charger on my own?


It's not advisable to install EV chargers without the right tools and help from professionals. While a regular special-socket cable might not require extra attention during installation, specialized chargers are complex and include potentially dangerous kits that should only be installed by certified experts.


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