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4 ways to Maintain a Dry Sauna in Mint Condition

January 26, 2021

Many homeowners and businesses are intrigued and interested in the idea of owning a dry sauna, but are hesitant because of the maintenance involved. Truthfully, it just requires a small effort daily, weekly, and monthly to keep it in mint condition. Premium wood for saunas might seem problematic to address and clean, but take it from a team of professionals, it isn't.


Here are four ways to keep your sauna in good shape. 


Avoid Using Hard Water When Cleaning

Hard, mineralized water is problematic for cleaning. It contains iron, zinc, and other elements that can cause clogging or crystallization in your sauna's drains. Furthermore, it can damage the dry sauna's wood finish and cause rusting to any stainless steel element in your sauna. Hard water can cause critical damages to your heating element too.

Give Towels to All Your Guests

Most of the time, effective dry sauna maintenance is all about proper preventative practices. Giving towels to all your sauna guests is one of the best ways to do it. Sweating carries natural body oils, which can cause stains and discoloration. By providing towels to guests and having them accessible in high traffic areas, you avoid staining the wood, making it easy to maintain when you need to. 

Cure Your Sauna Before Use

Sauna curing involves heating your room for 45 minutes to an hour before using it. Then, you can pour water on your stones to help dissolve caked dirt. Furthermore, you can accelerate your sauna benefits and drive down your utility costs during usage. 

Ask Contractors to Sand Its Wood Occasionally

You'll only need to ask your local wood and sauna maintenance professionals to help you sand and restore the wood surface's original look. Make sure to use plastic to cover your heaters and metal components to prevent fine sand and dust from causing damages.

You Can Get the Best Installation Team For Your Sauna Conveniently

If you have yet to find a dependable sauna installer in your area, you can count on A.S. Electrical Services to help you. Contact us today to learn more about our sauna installations and options!