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4 Signs That Indicate It's Time to Upgrade Electric Panel Before Holidays

December 16, 2022

Christmas is the time of gifts and get-togethers with family and friends. It is also the time of competition between the most ardent admirers of outdoor Christmas decorations. While they are ready to spend a fortune on making their homes look like a Times Square advertisement, they often overlook such a crucial aspect as electrical safety. If you like to turn their house into a wonderland too, read this blog to learn about four signs that indicate an electric panel upgrade is necessary before putting up outdoor Christmas lighting. 


Here's What Indicates It Is Time to Upgrade Your Electric Panel 


Your home was built in the 1950s or earlier

Older homes from the 1950s or earlier were built with only 30, 50 or 60 Amp service, which is no longer enough to power modern appliances, let alone Christmas lighting. If you live in an old downtown Toronto building and like your house to flash with Christmas decorations, consider consulting an electrician in Toronto on whether an electric panel upgrade is needed before hanging outdoor lighting. 


You notice lights dimming when appliances are plugged in

Dimming lights are the first sign of an overloaded electric panel. If your panel is unable to handle the existing load, powering outdoor decorations from it is a bad idea. Consider updating your electric panel to eliminate any potential fire hazard and ensure a safe festive season.


Breakers are tripping frequently

Surges are more likely to occur in worn-out panels. If you notice yourself resetting breakers several times a week with the appliances you use regularly, powering outdoor Christmas decorations from the same electric panel won’t likely be possible as your panel won’t be able to handle the extra load. Call a licensed electrician in Toronto to get advice on upgrading your panel before hanging any outdoor decorations. 


You smell burnt out odour 

This one is an extreme indication that your electrical panel needs to be inspected by an electrician in Toronto. The cause of a burnt-out odour could be anything from a malfunctioning appliance to an overloaded circuit. A licensed electrician in Toronto will identify the cause, fix the problem and instruct you on whether electric panel upgrades are needed to power outdoor Christmas lights decorations. 


If the above signs are not convincing enough, our blog on the importance of electric panel upgrades will help you learn more about this topic. 


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