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4 Popular Residential Electrical Upgrades

June 19, 2019


The journey of being a home owner is not an easy one. Soon enough, you’ll realize the onus is on you to do the work around the house. From small handyman jobs to large-scale renovations, as the homeowner – you’re driving the steering wheel. You get to decide what makes the most sense for your home and your budget.


One way you can upgrade your home’s overall worth is by opting for electrical services capable of implementing residential electrical upgrades.


Today we’ll discuss 4 popular electrical services to upgrade your home.


1. Electrical Panel Upgrades


  • Maximize your home’s efficiency and reduce risk of power shortages by choosing to upgrade your electrical panel system
  • A new electrical panel can effectively manage the power in your home, allowing you to carry on with daily activities that require a certain level of power (i.e. laundry, television, oven, television, blow dryer, etc.)


2. Dry Sauna and Steam Sauna Installations


  • Looking for true relaxation in the comfort of your own home? Consider installing a dry or steam sauna in your home and wind down after a long day of work
  • Ensure your sauna is installed and maintained by reputable electricians so you don’t have to worry about any power issues in the future


3. Heated Driveway System


  • It’s no secret that Canadian winters test us both mentally and physically every year. Forget about waking up early to shovel your driveway. Opt for a heated driveway system instead!
  • Heated driveways utilize radiant floor heating to ensure your driveway stays snow and ice free, and can be installed by electricians that offer this service.


4. Lighting Retrofit Service


  • Make the sustainable choice by opting for a complete lighting retrofit of your home.
  • Lighting retrofits allow you to maximize efficiency, allowing you to save more on your energy bill.


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