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4 Methods to Maintain The Performance of Home Steam Rooms

August 07, 2020

Home steam rooms offer many health benefits and are an exceptional addition to any home. It improves your heart rate, releases endorphins, relaxes your body, and provides immediate comfort. However, you'll want to make sure it's always in top shape before you use it.

Here are four great methods to help you maintain the performance of your sauna:


Clean Off Before Entry

Debris and dust often coat themselves on feet, so it makes sense to ask anyone who enters home steam rooms to wash their feet. In doing so, they help prevent dust and soil on the floor, which can cause damage to the wood interiors. Furthermore, they're a vector of disease, especially in moisture-rich, closed-air sauna rooms. 

Avoid Using Mineral Water

Magnesium and calcium salts in mineral water can create lime buildups, which are extremely difficult to remove from home steam rooms. Use only clean or distilled water to remove them. Lime can also cause significant damages to your sewage system and are considerably challenging to remove, especially when they're blocked from the inside. 

Remove Excess Moisture In All Benches

Once you're done using your sauna, remove excess moisture from as many surfaces as possible. You can also scrub the benches, floor, and other areas to maintain cleanliness. It’s recommended to leave your sauna room door open to let air inside, which will help it to dry and prevent moisture damages. In doing so, you maintain the integrity of the wood and keep its pristine look.

Bi-Yearly Maintenance for Electricals

Electrical heating systems require professional electrician teams, such as us at A.S. Electrical Services, to provide proper installation and post-installation maintenance. Maintenance checks should be conducted twice a year to ensure the performance and dependability of your systems and significantly reduce any possible fire risk too. 

Get The Best Saunas By Using Professional Electricians

If you have yet to find a dependable steam room electrical installation team, A.S. Electrical Services can provide you with top-tier installations and maintenance services. Contact us today to learn more about everything we can accomplish with you.