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4 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Dry Sauna

March 15, 2021

You can have your very own hotel-style dry sauna at home. With the help of top-notch electricians and development teams, you can step into a warm room that guarantees exceptional comfort and relaxation. Thankfully, sauna maintenance is just as easy as getting experts to install it for you.


Here are four easy ways to maintain your dry sauna.


Appropriate Cleaning Equipment

Hotel maintenance teams have their own commercial-grade cleaning equipment to maintain their dry sauna rooms. A good sauna maintenance team has multiple staff wiping down the entire room and airing it for internal humidity. You can get your own cleaning sets for the home such as cloth rag sets to wipe down the dry wood. Soft cloth rags cannot damage the wood while cleaning it.


Cool Down the Room

A complete dry sauna room cleansing involves room cooldown before wiping everything down. Hot, dry wood can cause blisters and injuries. Professional sauna maintenance teams use fans and other equipment to air out the room and accelerate cooldown. However, a 1-2-hour waiting time is also an option.


Avoid Disinfectants

Organic dry wood is the secret behind excellent saunas. However, commercial disinfectants can thoroughly damage the wood. Plus, studies show that room disinfectant isn't enough to thoroughly remove bad bacteria and mostly targets good wood bacteria, which aids in sauna therapy and environment.


Use Top-Tier Electricians for Maintenance

Saunas require maintenance aid from professional sauna-experienced electricians. These experts can maintain, install, and repair problems that your sauna might have. Top electricians, such as A.S. Electrical, can fully help you with everything you need.


Install Your Very Own Home Sauna Today

Contact A.S. Electrical today for sauna installations and general electrical services. With our experience in the industry, we're confident in providing you the best results for all your projects. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.