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3 Signs Your Home Needs an Electrical Panel Upgrade

June 11, 2019

Do you find that your home appliances are not functioning as efficiently as they could? Are you fed up with fuses in your home constantly blowing out? While it may be true that most things have an expiry date, it is unusual when more than one appliance fails to operate efficiently on the daily.  The likely culprit is your home’s electrical panel. But figuring out you need an electrical panel upgrade may not be the most obvious answer when diagnosing the electrical issues in your home.


Today we’ll discuss 3 signs your home might require an electrical panel upgrade:


1. Burning Smell


If you notice a burning smell that appears to come from your electrical panel, or if your panel is warm to touch – this may indicate that your electrical panel is overloaded or improperly installed. Be sure to consult a certified electrician for advice before making any decisions, as poor maintenance could result in an electrical fire.


2. Buzzing Sound


When your electrical panel fails to trip, the result is a loud buzzing or crackling sound. Again, this is likely the symptom of having to replace your home’s electrical panel. However, it is completely normal if the buzzing sound is low and not very loud. Electrical energy travels in and out of the panel at a rapid pace, resulting in audible vibrations which can be heard outside the electrical panel.


3. Poor Power Efficiency


As mentioned, if you notice that your electrical appliances aren’t operating as efficiently, or if you keep having to switch your breakers – this is likely the symptom of your electrical panel underperforming.

While these symptoms are typically the direct result of your home’s need for an panel upgrade, it is imperative to first consult a certified electrician before making any final decisions.


Finding a Certified Electrician that Conducts Electrical Panel Upgrades


A.S. Electrical is fully capable of assessing your home’s electrical needs with quality solutions.

We offer electric panel upgrades to residential and commercial homes and facilities with outdated models in order to maximize electrical functioning capacity. Call us today to learn more about our panel upgrade service!