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3 Safety Tips for Any Electrician

April 15, 2019

For an electrician, safety is always a top priority. Electrical companies should always adhere to safety precautions in order to protect their workers. Here’s a quick guide detailing 3 essential safety protocols that every electrician should know.



When conducting an inspection, it is crucial to first turn off the current at the switch box and padlock the switch in the off position. Once the machine is locked, the worker should hold onto the key, ensuring that only he or she can remove the padlock after the inspection. All electrical companies use this procedure to ensure that the equipment is de-energized and rendered inoperative before repairs commence.


Avoid Power Lines

An obvious tip, but arguably the most important one. Power lines are extremely dangerous and are commonly found around construction sites. In fact, the overwhelming majority of deaths in construction sites are related to power line contact. Even without any exposed wires, power lines are still capable of sending thousands of volts of electricity throughout the human body. Even if the shock isn’t fatal, there are a plethora of unpleasant consequences ranging from fourth degree burns to limb amputation.  


Proper Equipment Usage

Wearing the proper equipment can make all the difference. Electricians should wear goggles, insulated gloves and non-conducting hard hats. Furthermore, ladders should also be properly selected depending on the task. Ladders are made of three materials: wood, fibreglass, and aluminum. Out of those three materials, aluminum is the only one that conducts electricity making it a poor choice. Wood ladders are susceptible to rotting over time, which leaves fibreglass as the optimal choice. Fibreglass is more expensive, but they have a long lifespan and they guarantee the safety of the worker, making it the best choice for electrical companies.


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