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3 Myths About Electric Vehicles

August 12, 2019

Recently, we have all been engaged in the issue of global warming. We can observe in real time the effects of the earth going through climate change, which can often make people feel hopeless. With all that considered, many people are actually stepping up and making small changes in their lives to help ease the burden on planet earth. One of the most popular and important ways of doing this is by switching from traditional gas and diesel cars to electric vehicles.


While many people see the benefits of electric vehicles, there is still some resistance to the idea of it. As one of the best electrical companies in Toronto, A.S. Electrical has long specialized in the installation of electric car chargers, and thus we know quite a bit about what is true and what is not about these cars. Today, let’s bust 3 prevailing myths about electric vehicles.


1. Lack of Range

Did you know that some plug-in hybrids actually have more range than traditional cars? In addition, new innovations to fully-electric vehicles have seen these environmentally-friendly cars boast an average of 250 miles per charge.


2. Slow Charging

This is indeed a downside compared to traditional vehicles, which is why many electric vehicle owners install their own chargers at home with the help of reputable electrical companies such as A.S. Electrical. It’s as simple as plugging in your phone overnight!


3. Lack of Chargers

This really depends where you go, as you’ll find that bigger cities have no problem with electric car charging infrastructure. This is why electrical companies that specialize in electric vehicle chargers are so important – we are one of the key players in making the future greener.


A.S. Electrical is committed to catering our services to the changing of the times. Whatever the current needs of homeowners, business owners, and society at large, you can expect A.S. Electrical to step up to the charge.