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3 Key Differences Between Dry Sauna And Steam Sauna

When it comes to installing a sauna for a house or personal property, most homeowners are faced with a dilemma, should they opt for a dry sauna or a steam sauna? While the classification might seem simple on the basis of the name, in reality, a few factors need to be taken into consideration before making the decision. To help you with this task, a few basic differences between the 2 types of saunas are discussed below. 


Differences between dry and steam saunas.



Mode of Operation


Dry saunas typically generate heat directly from a heater and use it to raise the temperature of the room, which is usually made of wood for better conductivity. 


Steam sauna, on the other hand, relies on moisture and uses heat to convert water into steam, which is used to heat up the room. 


Rate of Heating


Another factor to consider is the rate of heating for the two types of sauna. For dry saunas, the heating sensation is more steady and gradual, thus lacking intensity. Hence, users can relax in a dry sauna for a while. 


In the case of steam saunas, however, the opposite is true. The intensity of the heat is almost instantaneous, and so are the therapeutic effects. Thus, for those looking for a quick sauna session, steam saunas are the best option.  




Lastly, homeowners need to really consider their geographical location before picking a sauna, for humidity plays a major role when it comes to its functioning. 


Typically, dry saunas are more compatible with locations that have high humidity. However, installing home steam rooms in such places might not be equally effective. Hence, it’s best to also take this into consideration to save up on power consumption and improve efficiency. 


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