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3 Indicators It's Time To Have Electric Panel Upgrades

November 29, 2021

An electrical panel houses the safety systems, regulators, and main switches that manage your property's grid of electric power. If the one in your residence or business is currently working well, electric panel upgrades are likely not needed during this time. However, upgrades of this sort are essential if you've begun to notice an imbalance in the flow of electricity.


In the case of electric panels, here are some signs that point to a system improvement being required:


Decades Have Passed Since The Entire Electrical System Was Installed


During its initial years, your electric panel should operate smoothly. They are designed to safeguard your electrical system and create a balanced flow for the circuits. In the event that it’s been a few decades since the installation process took place, then having these upgrades done as soon as possible is highly recommended. Older systems can end up largely impacted during a thunderstorm for instance, and overall, one may cause significant damage to your property if left unattended.


Water Damage From A Recent Storm


It’s worthwhile to schedule immediate electric panel upgrades if your property has faced water damages from recent weather. Additionally, our team members can replace your wirings in order to address any risk of circuit shortage. Since imbalanced electrical fluctuations have the potential to become major fire and electric shock hazards, it’s important to act quickly to amend them. 


Electrical Flow Disruptions


If your system has been active for a decade or two and you’re beginning to see large fluctuations in electrical flow, you'll want to have an electrician inspect and sort the problem out in a timely manner. An imbalance related to wiring and cables is signalled by fluctuating electricity, and the right electricians are able to correct this for you both properly and efficiently. 


Use Only The Best Electrical Team


For electric panel upgrades and other repair projects, A.S. Electrical Services Ltd. is ready to provide you with high-quality work. Contact us today to learn more about all that we offer, such as the setup of a dry sauna within your property.