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3 Benefits of Installing an EV Charger in a Condominium

January 18, 2023

The demand for electric vehicles is growing, and so does one for public and private electric charging stations. The new government regulations require that 100% of newly purchased vehicles be zero emissions by 2035. This percentage is impressive and also encouraging, considering the environmental problems we face these days. And as more and more private homeowners are installing EV chargers in their home garages, condo owners and managers are just starting to consider making it an essential feature of a condo parking spot. The blog below explores the three benefits of installing an EV charging station in a condo. 


Advantages of Installing an EV Charger in a Condominium 


It increases property value

Due to the cost of electric cars and the scarce availability of charging stations, the segment of people driving electric cars is relatively small for the time being. However, as a condo manager, you can take advantage of that. The availability of an EV charging point in a condo certainly adds to the property value. It also adds a sense of luxury which some buyers often seek. 


It helps meet projected demand

Perhaps, the number of electric vehicles you see on the streets is not convincing enough for the builders to consider EV charger infrastructure in their building plan. However, in 10 years, it may well become a requirement for builders and condo managers to have an EV charging infrastructure on their building plans. Thus, it is better to start thinking of it beforehand rather than trying to accommodate a charging unit into a power grid that cannot bear the load. 


Adds to the comfort

A condo unit with a private EV charger is certainly more attractive to potential renters and buyers than one without it. The number of electric vehicle drivers is projected to grow. Moreover, the government will likely seek to implement different incentives to encourage the shift to driving green vehicles and using greener energy. 


With 1,700+ EV charging stations across Ontario, the demand for private charging points will continue to grow. It signals condo managers and builders to start thinking about EV infrastructure today. Their task will be to keep up with the demand and make sure they can fully cater to the needs of potential buyers and renters. 

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